Our Team Wants Your Team

Shark Club is proud to be a part of the community by supporting our local sports teams. We know you value the time spent with your team and we want to provide you with a great place to spend that time. Submit Your Team Online

The Deal

  • Free Wings - When your team comes in with four or more players we will provide you with one order of our famous Wings. Drop by with eight or more players and receive two orders. Twelve or more players get two orders of Wings plus some great beverages!
  • A 10% Kickback - Shark Club will track your team’s bills throughout the season. At the end of the year you’ll get a 10% kickback of your total expenditure applied towards a year-end party at Shark Club. (Minimum $1,000 total team expenditure for the season.)
  • A chance at a 25% Kickback - The team that accumulates the highest dollar amount at the end of our season will receive a 25% kickback of your total expenditure towards a year-end party at Shark Club.

This is our basic sponsorship offer to teams. When your team steps up to the plate, so do we.

Ask the GM at your local Shark Club for more details. We have a limited number of sponsorships available so register your team today.

The Stadium

Shark Club is Canada’s premier sports bar and grill. We provide the very best in service, food, drink, and sports entertainment. We feature plenty of big screen projectors and dozens of other HD LCD TV’s. Your team will enjoy four satellites for an unparalleled selection of games, monthly Pay-Per-View events, fundraisers, great drink features, pool tables, an expansive food menu, state of the art sound systems, and so much more!

The Rule Book

  • Teams must complete a registration form and fill out a team roster.
  • All team expenditures are calculated before tax.
  • Any Monday during the season your team may use the accumulated fund towards your bill (subject to the location GM’s discretion, and party reservation). Using your accumulated fund before the end of the season will zero out your year-end party fund and severely decrease your chances of being our 25% top team.
  • Shark Club will create a file for your receipts. Shark Club’s filed receipts will determine your team’s final total.
  • A team must consist of four or more players.
  • "Kickback": value not redeemable for cash or gratuity.
  • Only valid at your home Shark Club.
  • Shark Club has full discretion in deciding which sports/pastimes qualify.

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